Court Observer/Advocate: 

What they do?

  • Be present in court and take notes on the cases, reporting on the responses of the judges to different situations. 

  • Note if the youth or family needs help and approach them afterward to offer to take them to the courthouse legal orientation clinic run by Esperanza or to Luis. 

If they refuse the offer but are interested in information about legal, health or school resources, give them an info card. 


* Court Watch days can vary. Currently, our court watch days are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and it starts at 8:00 am. Our court watch coordinator meets the volunteers in the lobby and directs them to the courtrooms. 


If you interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below with your availability and information and send it to Ana Xochitl, our volunteer coordinator at


Attorneys and Law Students:

Volunteers for legal support go through Esperanza for scheduling and training.


Some of the tasks for these volunteers are:

- Be present at the clinic and welcome families. 

- Optional: Help with filling out forms as needed. 

- Optional: Help with childcare.


Prospective volunteers will receive more information once they sign in with Esperanza, or for specific question prospective volunteers can contact Esperanza directly or the Guardian Angels team.


For more information about the Esperanza Project click on the following links:


Attorneys: HERE!

Law Students: HERE!


Medical Assistance:

St. John’s Health Center

701 S. Hoover St.

Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 323-541-1616

Help with School:

1379 Angelina Street,

Los Angeles

Phone:(213) 482-3954




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