While these partners are all contributing significantly to the protection and service of the children, the Guardian Angels is the central point of contact with the children and their families. We meet them in court and our Spanish-speaking volunteers help them to connect with the legal and social service's resources. We are particularly focused on helping the children and their families avoid legal fraud. We often provide emotional and spiritual support to these children and families, ensuring that they know that they are not alone.


"Over the past year, approximately 7,000 Central American children and youth have been deported." 


The Guardian Angels also observe court to ensure that these children and youth’s rights to a full asylum assessment are respected. We report any violations to the National Lawyers’ Guild and Public Council for their current lawsuit. We also have noticed that our presence has apparently encouraged judges to increase the amount of time given for various steps of the legal process and discouraged deportation orders. We are also working on advocating for court practices that support families. 


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